As every year Diwali celebrations are a BIG thing. I feel it is nice that the Janwaar kids also celebrate among themselves and not only in heir families. They posted photos of their celbrations on Facebook and then the local media picked up and published the article below.

When we saw the article we realized how happy and “open” our Janwaar kids looked on the photos in comparison to the others. Anil has put these observations in nice words. He has written:

“What do you see in these pictures? The two left photos are from our village Janwaar. As you can see, our kids are freely enjoying and celebrating Diwali. Whereas in the top right pictures the kids are kind of afraid and they are being treated just like school. What I think is that some adults have stood in front of them and given lectures. Which as per my experience is not good. They should have done it in a good way. They could have sat in a circle and talked and given their opinions just like we do in our Villa Janwaar. As I have become a homeschooler, I have learnt and experienced a lot. If we all think that things like this should change then we have to act accordingly.”

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