Last weekend the qualifications for the Indian National Skateboarding Championship took place in Janwaar. They were at the same time the Madhya Pradesh Championships.

It was a gold rush for the Janwaar kids …

From what I heard all the gold medals went to Janwaar, and many silver and bronze medals as well. The young kids as well as the older kids succeeded. They are the backbone of the MP skateboarding scene – only a few other kids form Indore participated. The article in the local newspaper points this out.

It’s always fun to realize that in this village in rural India every kid knows what skateboarding is and can easily stand on a board. I guess there is no other spot on this planet where the density of squaremeter skatepark / villager is as high as in Janwaar. We have 1500 squaremeters skatepark and roughly 1200 people 🙂

The kids never had a skateboarding trainer or a coach – they always do it all togeher. Kids teaching kids. And the spirits are flying high for the national championships in December. Congratz to all our kids!

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