Once again the Indian Skateboarding Championships were a huge event. 21 kids left Janwaar to travel to Chandigarh. Some went by train, for the younger ones and the girls we’ve rented a small bus. STopovers were once again in Agra and Prakriti School. All the kids were very happy and they all managed very well. They do these trips all on their own – without major fightings – thanks to the circle times in the morning and evening!

All champions in Chandigarh

They received a very warm welcome by the parents when they came back. The kids were honored by Mala of flowers. It was a really happy moment at our community center.

Our Champions Of 2021 National Skateboarding Championship.

Asha🥉🌻Durga🥈🌻Priyanka 🥉🌻

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