By Asha

Asha is working with th ekids in Janwaar and we always push her to find creative ways of makinglearning fun! Here are two examples!

“I have chosen three topics to work on with the kids: practical life, a new Janwaar song and basic math. I’ve defined my three month goal: In three month our kids will create a new song of Janwaar, they will sing it and dance to its tunes, they will be able to understand about practical things in their life and start applying it and they will be able to count, do addition and subtraction from 1 to 50.

I started an activity for the math session! And I feel that the kids will enjoy it a lot. I made 20 small cards from A4 size paper and we cut them into small pieces and drew smilies on them, fruits, animals and vegetables. We coloured them. So the purpose is that our small kids will learn counting 1 to 20 through these cards, we will use them as a card game, our kids will learn counting while counting the smiles, fruits, animals and vegetables! Anton, our friend from Berlin, helped me a lot to draw these things and colour them.”

Asha visited the Satna kids for a few days!

“Sunday was a fun day with our new Open School Project kids. We bought some art and craft stuff and the kids practiced what they learnt here in VITS school. They made some nice flowers to decorate their home walls. The kids told me that once they are at home they will create something out of craft and waste materials to decorate their homes. They all enjoyed each other’s company. I took some pictures of the kids while working. Which you can see below.”

Our kids are now actively involved in our kitchen garden and tree planting activities. Over the last few months we’ve planted more than 150 trees around the skatepark, in the kitchen garden and the Villa Janwaar. We want to raise awareness how important it is to plant trees and take care of nature!

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