Our next batch of Open School Project kids had a program at VITS School where they performed what they have been learning in Satna since February.

We planned our visit as a surprise – the Satna kids didn’t know that we all were coming to attend the program. VITS School had sent a school bus to pick us up in Janwaar. We reached the school one hour before the program started. Unfortunately the boys saw the parents but all the others were unaware of it. So when it came to introducing Janwaar kids to the audience, the teacher of the program revealed the surprise and the kids were really happy to see us in the audience. Even though they might have heard about the surprise at the program, they didn’t know exactly who came to see them!

The parents were really happy to see their kids on the stage and they really enjoyed the trip to VITS school. They even shared their thoughts about how they feel that their kids are learning in Satna. Kallu Bhai (Poorti’s mother) said that it is really nice to see them here and we wouldn’t have been here if this was not organized. We are very happy to see them learning and growing, Kamla Gond added (Asha’s mom): “The kids were really happy when they got to know that they are now part of the VITS family!”Thank you to all our supporters – we couldn’t have these wonderful adventures without your support.

Below you can see some pictures and a small clip of the kids performing on stage.

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