On 21 March Asha got a phone call from Surjeet, a friend of the Barefoot Skateboarders, in Delhi. He asked her, if she was interested in participating in an ad for IPL Royal. And to be very honest, we had no idea w hat IPL was 🙂

D Cast Track, a casting company, in Delhi, was looking for a Skater girl. We discussed and shared the details in a WhatsApp group. We shared our Janwaar skateboarder photos and videos and they selected Asha.

Asha was very happy! She loves acting and being in videos.

Everything was very short notice and the casting team couldn’t find any trains or flights getting Asha to Delhi for the shoot. So in a very last minute action, we organised a car in Khajuraho. Asha left the same day everything was finalised and drove through the night. It took them 15 hours to reach Delhi. The driver dropped her at the hotel and soon after the fitting began.

For sure Asha felt like a little Dive (once ahgain 🙂 ) She said: “They gave me wonderful clothes to wear, very colourful and a very sporty look. I loved the clothes! It was so cool and comfortable to wear!”

At the set there were two more girls and a man – Asha role was to inspire them while skateboarding. She felt like having the main role in this scene. and thought that this is quite amazing!

Asha really enjoyed the shoot! She was in good company with @Deepshikha @Sagar and @Mia Magar.

Thank you IPL team! And thank you so much Surjeet bhaiya for connecting us with them! Looking forward to see the commercial!!!

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