Asha was the first person in the village to get a passport and go abroad. This was no easy feat. As an Adivasi (indigenous people) AND a girl – there was nothing like a green card for the entire process. What a bumpy journey we had to overcome all the hurdles laid out on the way. From intrigues in the village to vicious slurs and defamation on various sides, all kinds of stuff happened which we never thought or even dreamed of when we asked her if she wanted to go abroad to learn better English. But she managed it all and is now slowly but surely finding her own way.

She learnt a lot as she moved forward. Besides English and skateboarding (Asha participated in the Skateboarding World Championships in Nanjing, China in 2018) what she has learned the most is how to be herself. Today she is self-confident, determined and ready to fight for her desires and dreams. Even if this means trouble.

She has taken responsibility for her own life and is learning to learn. She might lack a bit of visible passion and energy – but her willingness to fail, her capacity to make crucial decision and live up to them and her honesty and openess will undoubtfully help to find her way. She gained so much confidence that she does not hesitate to go on stage to talk about her “findings”.

In 2019 the kids have founded their own NGO – The Barefoot Skateboarders Organisation – and Asha is a director. In this role she has taken the responsibility to run learning sessions with the smaller kids in our Villa Janwaar and she gets paid for this. The children love her and even the government teachers in Janwaar are now coming to ask for her advice. Furthermore she has taken the lead to support the single elder people in the village and the poorest of the poor.

Asha has become a role model for many girls – not only in Janwaar but far beyond in all over India. She has received various awards and participated in an Ashoka Fellowhip program.

Her big goal in 2021 is to pass the 10th grade NIOS exams in April / May.

For 2020 she has summarized her learning journey:

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