Since 5 years I am now in Janwaar. I only saw little Sachin running around like this:

Sachin had skin TB (photo credit: Vicky Roy)

He was always wearing something around his head to protect the open wounds from dirt, he had pain and was restricted in his movements.

One day I asked Vicky Roy, a Delhi-based photographer who frequently came to Janwaar, to take a photo of Sachin and we both, Vicky and I, published it on our Facebook pages. Within no time we received responses and people jumped in to help.

We arranged a place in Delhi for Sachin where he could stay during the diagnose and healing process. For more than seven months this young brave boy stayed in a shelter home – surrounded by kids of his age. his parents, myself and also once in a while Janwaar kids came for a visit.

Ramkesh, Sachin, Asha and Lavkush .

Sachin was diagnosed with skin TB at AIIMS, a well-known hospital and research center in Delhi. The healing process took quite a while but Sachin stayed strong. All he wanted was to “get normal”!

With the help of many – once again to all of you a big, big thank you – we managed that he could start the healing process. After seven months the parents came to pick him up. Meanwhile back in Janwaar we had arranged all the medicine he needed and we introduced Sachin and his parents to the local TB center. By then we actually thought, this is it. Unfortunately we were wrong.

After two check ups back in Delhi, a huge growth on Sachin’s back, just above/behing his right hip, became our next challenge. It was really huge – I always compared its size to the hump of a camel. The doctor at AIIMS said that most likely it could be healed. It was obviously a side effect of skin TB and the medicine Sachin had to take. Another three visits and long hours of waiting in Delhi.

Meanwhile we had started our Open School Project, so Sachin was able to stay with our kids in Noida. And Anil, an open schooler, took reponsibility for Sachin while he was there. He took him to the hospital and accompanied him to all the examinations. Anil truly did a great job! Hats off!

Only last week Sachin returned back home to Janwaar after another check up – and the good news, the growth is almost gone, he is back to normal and is running around in Janwaar with a big, big smile on his face.

Only one more time he has to go to AIIMS – and then he will be fully healed! Sachin got back his childhood and now can fully enjoy. He is so to speak inventory at Villa Janwaar and now goes frequently to school!

What a story! What a great young brave kid!

Sachin on his travels to/from Delhi
Sachin reading a book at Villa Janwaar

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