I am writing this on behalf of Anil, one of our Open School kids. He always wanted to write a story he had heard from his grandfather and father about the lake in Janwaar – and how it has become a little book 🙂

It took some efforts to become a real story and Anil never gave up, always ready to improve it a little bit more. This is what Abil has written on Facebook:

“As you might know I have written a story about our lake in Janwaar. It’s not a story, it’s much more a folk tale. The story is going to be printed as a small book. The process is ongoing and Karen, a friend in America, is helping me with the visualization. She’s an editorial illustrator and also creative director at Visionaries + Voices in Cincinnati, Ohio. Two days ago she sent me the first rough illustrations for the book – and I love them! You can see my favourite one below. It just matches my imagination. It looks great because it holds all the details which are given in my story.I would love to say thank you to those who are in this project and are helping to convert my story into a small book. I am thrilled and look forward to see it published!!”

And if you want to buy a copy, send us a message here or make a comment! It’s really a nice book – super cool paper …. nice to hold in your hands.


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